Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’s Bruz the Chopper Gives a Pop Quiz in New Trailer

Middle-earth Shadow of War ranked play

It’s an Orc pop quiz, be sharp!

Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s embargo is up and reviews are coming out. It’s debuted to mostly positive reviews (you can read ours here), though it’s not officially out on the market to purchase until Oct. 10.

Until then, there are plenty of clips to watch that show off a lot of what you can expect to see from the game, including some of the most charismatic Orcs you’ve seen this side of Mordor. The latest video clip introduces Bruz the Chopper, a constant companion you’ll meet earlier in the game.

He takes you through a few hilarious questions in the video below, which should school you a bit on the Middle-earth: Shadow of War lore and what you’re about to get yourself into. He’s got an awesome accent too, so there’s that. Watch as he introduces you to the various bits and pieces of the world of Mordor that you may not have known anything about previously. It’s a very educational video.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War launches on Oct. 10 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4,and PC. If you enjoyed your time with the first game, you’ll find plenty of improvements with the sequel, especially in the Orc personality department and the Nemesis System.


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