Gearbox Publishing Is Handling Hello Neighbor’s Xbox One Physical Release

Hello neighbor, xbox one, december

Hi-dee-ho, neighbor!

Gearbox Publishing is working with tinyBuild and Dynamic Pixels to bring a physical version of the upcoming Hello Neighbor to Xbox One, and it’s going to be available this holiday season.

Hello Neighbor revolves around a bizarre move to a new suburb where you find out that your neighbor is hiding something from you deep down in his basement. So what do you do? Break into his house to try and find what kind of secrets your neighbor is keeping from you. It’s not the smartest idea, granted, but maybe it’ll let you know what’s going on. Except the Neighbor isn’t just some dumb enemy.

No, he’s worse. Controlled by an AI that learns after analyzing you and watching what you do, your Neighbor will eventually find ways to keep you from getting into what he’s hiding from you. It’s positively terrifying, actually, and something that has to be played to be believed.

You’ll be able to preorder the Xbox One version of Hello Neighbor beginning today via US retailers like Amazon and GameStop for $29.99, with the game releasing for both Xbox One and PC on Dec. 8. Get ready to start stalking your (in-game) neighbor.


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