Destiny 2: How to Get to Lost Sector Sunken Isles

How to Get to Lost Sector Sunken Isles in Destiny 2

Locating the Sunken Isles Lost Sector in Destiny 2 can be a bit tricky but the payoff is worth it. Lost Sectors are a welcome diversion from the norm in Destiny 2 and offer up nice rewards for some light effort. Completing them will hook you up with loot chests if you can tackle the bosses and enemies that lie within. But first you have to find them. In general you locate lost sectors by looking for the hunter marking symbol which can be viewed from the director. Check out our general guide on Lost Sectors if you need help with that but you’re here for the Sunken Isles Lost Sector, so let’s get into that one.

The symbol will lead you toward a huge base, but that’s not actually your destination which is why this one might be tricky for some people. Instead, go into the smaller building right next to it. There’s a door in there that’s open, go in, jump down, and keep working your way through to the Sunken Isles Lost Sector. It’s as simple as that! If you want a visual cue, the picture below pinpoints the exact location of the Sunken Isles Lost Sector for you on your map.

destiny 2

That does it for how to find the Sunken Isles Lost Sector in Destiny 2. Happy hunting guardians!

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