Destiny 2: How to Get the Eye of Another World Exotic Warlock Helmet

How to Get the Eye of Another World Exotic Warlock Helmet

Eye of Another World is one of the brand-new Destiny 2 exotics that is exclusive to Warlocks. It’s a helmet that is actually useful to all subclasses, unlike the others which are geared more towards Voidwalkers and Stormcallers. The perk is a faster charge rate on Grenade, Melee, and Rift abilities. It also highlights priority targets which can be helpful in tight situations.

You can actually obtain this exotic pretty early in the game if you happen to choose it. After completing a few missions and reaching Sloane on Titan, you get to choose between three pieces of armor, The Eye of Another World helmet, the Sunbracer gauntlets, and the Wings of Sacred Dawn chest piece. Choose the Eye of Another World and that’s it. If, however, you go for one of the other options, you’re not completely out of luck.

You can still get the Eye of Another World Destiny 2 exotic as a random reward. It can come from decrypting an exotic engram (or a legendary one if you’re really lucky), completing weekly Milestones, or leveling up vendors. It may take a while, but you can get it this way. Or you can just start a new Warlock, grab it, then transfer it over to your current one. The choice is yours.

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