Destiny 2 Baby Dog Strike Intro Shows One of the Game’s Hilarious Secrets

Bungie is known for hiding secrets in their games, with many of them only being found under exceedingly rare or obscure circumstances. Destiny 2 has only been out a week, but players are already finding some of the developers trademark easter eggs. Case in point: This Operation: Baby Dog strike intro.

This extremely rare intro has a chance of playing when you attempt the Lake of Shadows strike. Unfortunately, for now, this strike is only available for PlayStation 4, so Xbox One owners will have to miss out.

The first person to point out the alternate Baby Dog strike intro in Destiny 2 was Twitter user @cowboyslow. This prompted a senior writer from Bungie to comment about how low the chance of triggering the intro is, and how happy he was that the interaction wasn’t cut.

Another Bungie writer, Guillaume Colomb, also tweeted about low-frequency dialog and insinuated that there are more super rare lines hidden in the game. There’s no indication when a special dialog triggers, so you’ll just have to keep your ear out for anything that sounds a bit off.


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