6 Songs We Can’t Wait To Dance To in Persona 5: Dancing Star Night

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Rivers In The Desert

As one of the few vocal tracks currently available in Persona 5, Rivers In The Desert stands out as a catchy boss battle track. While it’s not quite as punchy as the purely instrumental ones like Keeper Of Lust or Blooming Villain, Rivers’ sound fits the game’s jazz fusion musical theme. With Lyn Inaizumi’s vocals being the driving force of this song, we’re pretty sure this one’s going to make it onto Dancing Star Night’s track list.

We figure Rivers In The Desert could do with a bit of remixing, though. As it stands, the track itself is pretty low and heavy, and not exactly easy to dance to. But then again, we thought the same of Backside Of The TV, and Atlus pulled it off in Persona 4 Dancing All Night.

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