Slime Rancher: How to Get Gilded Ginger

How to Get Gilded Ginger in Slime Rancher

The rare gilded ginger was recently added in Slime Rancher’s 1.0.1 update, and the golden veggie has only two specific uses. It can be used with a Gordo Snare to attract a Gold Gordo, and causes more Gold Plorts to drop from Gold Slimes when shot at. It is the favorite food of Gold Slimes.

The gilded ginger is unlike other food because it cannot be grown in the garden. The only way to obtain the veggie is from a specific spot in the Glass Desert. One spawns per day, and the spot regularly changes. Here is a list of potential places that the gilded ginger can be found:

  • Next to the fallen column in the first oasis area.
  • Next to the ramp behind the Dervish Gordo.
  • Behind the Ancient Water fountain.
  • Behind the mosaic grotto either at the end of the trail, to the right of the trail, and near the purple treasure pod.
  • In the final Glass Building to the left of the left entrance.
  • To the left of the oasis bud near a wooden platform with a stick coming from it at the end of the Slime Gate Rock Largo Feral area.
  • At the white platform’s corner above the oasis with Tangle and Tabby Slimes.

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