Gamestop Distributing Level 50 Salazzle for Pokemon Sun/Moon in August


A nice way to buff up your team.

Pokemon Sun and Moon players will soon be able to pick up yet another free Pokemon later this month.

The Pokemon enthusiast site Serebii.net reported on the news today via Twitter, posting a screenshot 0f the promotional card. From August 14 until September 4, players can stop by Gamestop and get their hands on a level 50 Salazzle. It will be equipped with the moves Fake Out, Toxic, Sludge Bomb, and Flamethrower, as well as the Corrosion ability.

The powerful Fire/Poison creature will also come carrying a Focus Sash, making it even more difficult to defeat. This will not be the only Pokemon that players can get their hands on during August. By using the Mystery Gift function, eager trainers can also snag a shiny Tapu Koko, one of the legendary creatures found in the Sun and Moon games, which will be available until August 14.

Pokemon Sun and Moon were released last year, introducing the fantastic new region of Alola and over a hundred new pocket monsters. Sequels titled Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are due out for 3DS on November 17, giving players more to do in the tropical locale.

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