Orwell: Ignorance is Strength Getting a Second Season About Fake News


Fake news or good news?

Orwell: Ignorance is Strength is getting a second season, which will be focused on fake and alternative news.

The first season in the episodic adventure put players in the shoes of a government official in a political power known only as The Nation. Your job is to survey the population and root out dissenters. While the first season was like a playable version of Big Brother, the second will take its inspiration from recent issues and adversities.

Given the fluctuating power of Journalism, you must once again take control of power in the Nation, this time fighting against the media as their information becomes less and less reliable. The second season will deal with darker tones and the player will have more control over how events unfold.

The first game was nominated for the IGF Excellence in Narrative Award, setting high expectations for what the second season will bring.

The only given release window is “soon”. It will launch as a weekly episodic series on PC, Linux and Mac.

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