Super Mario Run Tops 150 Million Downloads, But Not Everyone Paid for the Game

Super Mario Run

FE Heroes is the success story here.

Super Mario Run has been out on the mobile market for more than half a year now, and it’s enjoying some pretty impressive stats. According to Pocket Gamer, the game has been downloaded over 150 million times. However, that doesn’t mean it’s enjoying good revenue. On the contrary, Pocket Gamer reports that less than 10% of the users who downloaded the game actually paid for the full version.

‘The download figure was confirmed by Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima in a recent shareholder’s Q&A. He noted that less than 10% of these players have actually paid for the game.

“This may be due to the price or the payment methods, so in the future we will consider not only a single set price, but other methods that incorporate a wider variety of elements to allow as many consumers as possible to play,” said Kimishima.

He also stated that despite having less than 15 million downloads, Nintendo’s other game Fire Emblem Heroes has generated more revenue than Super Mario Run.’

Nintendo also stated that they would be learning from their mistakes going forward in the mobile market.

Both Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes are now available on mobile devices.

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