Talion Faces the Might of the Nazgul in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’s Story Trailer

middle-earth: shadow of war, troy baker, talion

The Bright Lord faces the Nazgul this time.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War has received a brand new story trailer, which shows Sauron sending the full strength of Mordor, including the Nazgul, to take down Talion. This is the first time we’ve really gotten a good look at Shadow of War’s story, and it looks like we can expect to meet a few new characters along the way.

Things certainly look dramatic this time around, as the new trailer is packed to the brim with action. Talion is, of course, converting the forces of Mordor to his side using the powers of Celebrimbor. Meanwhile, he’s hunted by Nazgul and the Witch King, who are undoubtedly going to be mighty foes. There’s a big emphasis on the rings of power as well, and a mysterious new female character is featured prominently in the trailer. Take a look at it down below.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will now launch on October 10 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Recently we also found out that Troy Baker would be returning for the role of Talion, but also helping on the development side as well.


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