Speedrunning Event Summer Games Done Quick 2017 Starts Next Week

Games Done Quick

Breaking your childhood one game at a time.

The Summer Games Done Quick speedrunning marathon returns this year and begins next week on Sunday, July 2. The week-long event takes place at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The event hosts various speedrunners for games both new and old, kicking off the marathon with a one-handed run of this year’s Nier: Automata. Other notable games to check out include Hollow Knight, Doom (2016), Superhot, and a scheduled eight-hour run of Final Fantasy VII. Check out the full list of games being ran during the week here.

The marathon can be watched through SGDQ’s Twitch channel, while prizes will be raffled off for donors. All donations made during the event goes to the Doctors Without Borders organization.

The Games Done Quick group holds semi-annual speedrun marathons with the Awesome Games Done Quick event every January. The last AGDQ raised over $2.2 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, making it the largest amount donated in the event’s history.


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