NieR Automata: How to Start the Square Enix and Platinum Games CEO Boss Fight

Fighting the CEO Bosses in NieR Automata

NieR Automata’s newest DLC pack comes with an interesting boss fight that fans will definitely want to try out at least once. After beating the DLC, players will get the opportunity to test their combat skills against the CEOs of Square Enix and Platinum Games. Be warned that this is a pretty tough fight, and you’ll want to be at least level 85 before attempting it.

After you’ve completed the DLC to the end and seen the credits roll, head back to the battle arena at the Flooded City. Instead of talking to the receptionist like you normally would, go up the steps to the left of the front desk. At the top of the steps, look to your left to find the Resistance Secretary. Talk to her and choose the option “I wanna fight you-know-who.” You’ll have to talk to her and choose this option three times before she finally relents. After that, choose the option “Immersion schmmersion” and that will initiate the boss fight.

While the fight might start off easy at first, be prepared to start dodging bullets during the second phase, as being hit by a single one will kill you instantly.

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