Broken Age is Getting a Physical Release on PS4 and Vita, Courtesy of Limited Run

broken age

Don’t hesitate if you want one.

Broken Age has been out for a while now, but only as a digital title. However, Limited Run will be publishing and releasing a physical version of the game in June. Whether you want it on PS4 or PS Vita, they have you covered. Only for a limited time though. Limited Run will only have 4,500 copies for the PS4 and Vita versions available worldwide, and each buyer is limited to only two purchases.

The game isn’t available for purchase just yet, but orders will go live on June 9, at 10am Eastern Standard Time.

Broken Age follows the stories of two young protagonists, Shay and Vella, who come from vastly different backgrounds. It’s a point and click adventure game that will require players to scour their environments, and find clues and hints to solve challenging puzzles in order to progress. The game features a gorgeous art style and color palette, lending it a beautiful fairytale aesthetic.

Broken Age is now available on PS4, PS Vita, PC, and mobile devices.

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