The King of Fighters XIV New DLC Character Gameplay Trailer Features Ryuji Yamazaki

SNK has released a trailer for its upcoming DLC character addition for The King of Fighters XIV: Ryuji Yamazaki.

As you can see, the trailer focuses on the aloof fighting style of Yamazaki – who keeps one hand planted firmly in his pocket while brawling Jou Higashi.

Ryuji Yamazaki was first introduced to the series in 1995, with the release of Fatal Fury 3 for the Neo Geo. Back then he was pretty crazy: he would use a fish to beat his opponents, along with his shifting, Dhalsim-esque limbs, capable of hitting opponents from afar.

There are three DLC characters on the way, as has been announced by SNK, including Vanessa and Whip. Whips trailer is here, and she is set to land on April 5th. There hasn’t been a firm release date specified for Ryuji Yamazaki or Vanessa just yet.

King of Fighters XIV was released in August last year, six months after Street Fighter V. It had a much stronger launch in terms of content, and for fighting fans it had a rewarding mix of punishing play and deep mechanics. Our own Alex Neeler called it an “incredibly well-built fighter that is sure to please longtime fans of the series and veteran fighting game players alike.”

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