Koei Tecmo GM Wants to Bring More Big Games to the West

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“We are hoping to share good news with you once we are ready.”

Koei Tecmo General Manager, Yasutomo Watanabe, has said that after Nioh and A.O.T Wings of Freedom, he wants to bring more games to the Western market.

In an interview with MCV, Watanabe said: “Nioh has been particularly challenging, as it’s a brand new IP we’ve been working on for years. It utilized all the resources of our company. We received unequivocal support from our western publisher, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Nioh is performing very well so far so we are very happy with it.”

Nioh came out to rapturous praise from all over, including us. It is Koei Tecmo’s most successful game to release in the West, and it is looking to jump start a movement to release more:

“Thanks to A.O.T. Wings of Freedom and NiOh, a lot more gamers are now aware of our company and are interested in our releases. Next year and going forward, we plan to release big titles for the western market.”

The question on a lot of fans’ lips is whether or not Nioh’s success will play a part in the revival of the Ninja Gaiden series – which saw its last outing in 2014 with Megaman creator Keiji Inafune at the helm.

Watanabe had this to say: “We know a lot of our fans in the world have been waiting for the next Ninja Gaiden and it is one of the most important projects for us as well. At the moment, we are not in a position to announce anything, but we are hoping to share good news with you once we are ready.”

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