Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladio: How to Unlock the Shirtless “Rugged Attire” Costume

How to Unlock Rugged Attire in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladio

Final Fantasy XV’s first character DLC is all about Gladiolus, and it comes with an extra bonus after you beat it. You can unlock an entirely new costume for Gladio, that’s also usable in the main campaign of Final Fantasy XV. The costume is called Rugged Attire, and it lets Gladio run around without a shirt, while also giving him a pretty significant strength boost.

In order to obtain the Rugged Attire, you’ll first need to beat the story of Episode Gladio. After you’ve done that, you’ll unlock the Score Attack mode. What you need to do is get a score of 500,000 in this mode, which will also net you one of Episode Gladio’s Achievements.

It seems like a high score, but 500,000 shouldn’t be too hard to get in Episode Gladio. Just focus on taking down the most dangerous enemies first, and make full use of Gladio’s abilities. Also don’t forget about guarding and dodging on the square button, as guarding at the right time will let you parry, causing massive damage to an enemy and neatly boosting your score.

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