Elgato’s New Stream Deck Is the Perfect Tool for Stream DJs

stream deck, elgato

The meme deck.

Software developer Elgato has created a new Stream Deck that allows Twitch and YouTube streamers to customize 15 LCD keys to preform up to 210 command actions at the click on a button.

The Stream Deck will allow streamers to integrate their tools so their scenes, media, audio sources and more can be displayed on separate buttons, allowing the live-stream to continue uninterrupted.

You can drag and drop actions onto the keys, or make custom icons with your own GIFS, videos, images, or audio clips. Essentially, it’s like having you favorite memes at your fingertips.

Priced at $149.95, pre-orders for the Stream Deck are now available on Elgato’s website, with shipments starting in May. *Airhorns*


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