Dark Souls Creator Confirms the Series Is Over, Is Working on New Titles

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The journey comes to an end.

Dark Souls 3 was the final installment in a series that has seen millions of players die over and over and over again. The final expansion for the game, The Ringed City, has just been released and Dark Souls fans are having one last adventure before the series is done.

As reported by the Japanese blog Esuteru, and translated on Twitter by a user named “BlackKite”, Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki has confirmed that this is the end of the Dark Souls games for now, but he is currently working on several titles he thinks might appeal to gamers.

He went on to explain that, despite the success of the series, he didn’t manage to implement everything he envisioned. He recognized no game was perfect but said it was a blessed series.

He then went on to say that he’s currently working on a number of new titles that should be interesting, though there’s no concern among those involved as to whether or not the new games resemble Dark Souls.

The Dark Souls series has been critically acclaimed and has been held in high regard by gamers who prefer to be challenged. The Ringed City expansion DLC is available now.

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