Nioh: All Haircuts and Beards and What They Look Like

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Nioh Haircuts


While you can’t create your own character, you can customize the game’s protagonist with armor sets, and even change his hair and beard. Before you can change it, you’ll have to unlock the Barber option with the Blacksmith. It will require spending a lot of money (over 100,000 Gold), but once you do, you’ll be able to personalize your hero.

When you first access the Barber (unless you’ve played through a ton of the game first), you’ll only be able to get to a handful of haircuts. Each one costs 1,000 Gold and they are:


ponytail hair nioh

Samurai Knot 

samurai knot hair nioh

Pirate Bun

pirate bun hair nioh


wakajishi hair nioh

You’ll unlock more Nioh haircuts as you progress. We’ll update this guide with each new style. 

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