You Can Buy Mass Effect’s Omni-Blade to Live Out Your Commander Shepard Fantasies

mass effect

It’s not a toy, and yet…

The first two Mass Effect games didn’t have anything in terms of melee weapons. All you had was a simple shoulder jab, but that changed with the third entry, which introduced the Omni-Blade. It’s exactly as it sounds, a function in Shepard’s Omni-tool that creates a blade perfect for stabbing enemies who get to close.



Now, BioWare’s releasing an official Omni-Blade for fans to buy. The replica, made out of K-Resin, has an adjustable strap and locking mechanism to secure the blade. Even though the official description says that it should be only used for display, let’s be real here: you’re totally going to use it for more than that. With Mass Effect: Andromeda approaching in two months, it’s good to get in on that Pathfinder cosplay. All you’ll have to do is fork over $60 and wait until Feb. 2o for it to ship. Go ahead and fork over your cash right here at the BioWare Store.

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