Producer Confirms “The Banging” in Mass Effect: Andromeda is Still Very Much Around

Mass Effect Andromeda Ryder facial animations

Hot damn.

It has been great hearing about all of the juicy details of the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda, from its main characters, story, multiplayer, and the new Tempest ship, but there has been a noticeable lack of talk on one of Mass Effect’s other staple features: can. you. bang. your. crew mates?

Well, thanks to Mass Effect producer Mike Gamble’s recent Twitter interaction, we can finally answer that with a resounding yes!

In response to the rather direct question of “WHO CAN I BANG?!,” Gamble said “so many. And the banging is pretty good.” This shouldn’t come as any big surprise, there was nothing to lead us to believe Andromeda would be a sex-less adventure, but there’s a comfort in finally get that sweet sweet confirmation.

There has been a seemingly consistent stream of new details coming out of Andromeda for the past few weeks, like that the game won’t be receiving a season pass and EA Access members will expectedly be able to play the game early. We also got a look at the game’s menus during Nvidia’s CES keynote, which are looking pretty confusing.


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