Last of Us Part II and Uncharted: Lost Legacy Actors Celebrate Their Games Being Announced

Today was the PlayStation Experience, and that meant that Sony came to play with a lot of reveals. Two of the big ones came from Naughty Dog, who’s already had a pretty great year with Uncharted 4. They began the event with the reveal of Uncharted: Lost Legacy, a standalone adventure focused on Chloe Frazier and Nadine Ross, and then appropriately ended it with the announcement for Last of Us Part II.

Fans of both franchises were excited, to say the last, but none moreso than the actors for the respective games.  Claudia Black and Laura Bailey, who play Chloe and Nadine respectively for Uncharted: Lost Legacy, used Dubsmash to convey their emotions.

Ashley Johnson, who plays Ellie yet again for Last of Us Part II, had her reactions more muted, but is still excited.

And of course, the fans responded as they are wont to do: with huge hype at the ready. Uncharted: Lost Legacy will come to the PS4 sometime next year, while Last of Us Part II will more than likely be out quite a ways after that. Still, they’re likely to be two great experiences from Naughty Dog yet again.

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