Half of All Xbox One Owners Are Playing Backwards Compatible Games, Says Xbox Head

At E3 2015, Xbox’s head Phil Spencer made the huge announcement that the Xbox One would begin supporting backwards compatibility. Over a year later and numerous titles from the Xbox 360 are now supported and we can go back and play our favorite games from years gone by. The feature has proved to be very popular and Phil Spencer has now revealed that almost half of all Xbox One owners use it.

The news was announced on Twitter, with Spencer saying:

Exactly what qualifies as playing remains to be specified but there’s no doubt that the feature has taken off and many gamers are very interested in seeing their favorite games from the 360 era come to the Xbox One. Earlier this year, Red Dead Redemption was made backwards compatible and the game saw a huge increase in sales on Amazon.

The feature also gives the Xbox One an edge over its competitor, the PlayStation 4, which doesn’t fully support backwards compatibility beside the PlayStation Now service *which you must pay for) and the occasional PS2 port.

There are now over 300 Xbox 360 games available to play on the Xbox One and, as we reported, the BioShock trilogy has just been made compatible.

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