Mafia III Players Looking For Better Driving Might Want to Turn on Simulation Mode

mafia iii

A smoother ride.

Mafia III is out and many players are busy slowly claiming the streets of New Bordeaux as their own. While you can always just go from mission to mission, other players have been busy checking out the sights of New Bordeaux and gathering all of the collectibles they can lay their hands on. Of course, whatever you decide to do in Mafia III’s world, hopping into a car is the quickest way to get around.

Unfortunately, some people have found that the default ‘Arcade’ setting for the driving in Mafia III is difficult to control and can generally be a bit frustrating. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to head into the game’s settings to turn on Simulation Mode. This generally makes the car that little bit heavier and your turning that bit stiffer, essentially making driving that little bit more realistic.

To turn Simulation Mode on, head to the pause menu, tab to the Options tab, hit Game Settings, and then change the Driving Mode to Simulation.

With a little bit of luck, you’ll find that driving around the streets of New Bordeaux is that little bit easier than it was before.

Be sure to check out our wiki guide for everything you need to know on Mafia III.

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