Horizon: Zero Dawn Dev on How PS4 Pro Draw Distances and Details Will Bring “Majestic Beauty”

During today’s PlayStation Meeting event, Guerilla Games’ Managing Director, Hermen Hulst, discussed how the additional power of the PS4 Pro will benefit Horizon: Zero Dawn.

When asked what the Pro means to him and the rest of the team at Guerilla Games, as well as Horizon: Zero Dawn itself, Hulst praised the additional power of the console. “It is a great thing for us. As a studio we’re all about new hardware and what we can do with that. But for this project specifically, it’s about a very large open world, so having these massive draw distances and for us to be able to have these details is fantastic to give that to the consumer,” Hulst commented.

Going into further detail on how the PS4 Pro directly benefits Horizon: Zero Dawn, Hulst added, “Horizon is all about this majestic beauty, and it (PS4 Pro) just takes the experience to the next level.”

The game certainly looked stunning in the gameplay footage we saw running on the Pro. Horizon: Zero Dawn will be available on all PlayStation 4 systems Feb. 28, 2017

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