Destiny: Rise of Iron – All New Exotic Armor Pieces

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Ophidian Aspect (Warlock)

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“Have I the aspic in my lips?”

Primary Perks

  • Viper Totemic – Improved Energy Drain, and weapons ready and reload very quickly.
  • Infuse – Consume a more powerful piece of Armor to boost the Defense value of this.
  • Twist Fate – Changes the stats and upgrades available on this.

Selectable Perk 1

  • Snap Discharge – Increases melee attack speed.
  • Impact Induction – Bonus grenade energy on melee hits.

Selectable Perk 2

  • Energy Projection – Increases grenade throw distance.
  • Momentum Transfer – Gain bonus melee energy on grenade hits.

Selectable Perk 3

  • Random
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