Ubisoft Announces Release Dates for Star Trek, Eagle Flight, and Werewolves Within


Ubisoft revealed the release date for their VR titles.

Ubisoft has announced the release dates for their VR titles Eagle Flight, Star Trek: Bridge Crew and Werewolves Within.

Eagle Flight will be released across the three VR systems in waves. These waves will start with the Oculus Rift on Oct. 18, after which it will come to PlayStation VR on Nov. 8 before finally coming to the HTC Vive on Dec 20.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew and Werewolves Within, meanwhile, will be released across all VR systems at the same time. Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be released first on Nov. 29 and Werewolves Within will be released on Dec. 6. Both games will also have retail releases one week after their release for the PSVR version one week later.

Along with announcing these release dates, Ubisoft also announced that they will be releasing a free patch for Trackmania Turbo on Nov. 8, which will update the game to allow full VR support with PSVR.

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