Skyward Sword and Fire Emblem Fates’ Main Themes Make for an Epic Mashup

Them tunes, man.

Video game music has gotten better with each year, to the point where fans are mixing otherwise different songs together to make something even cooler. This mashup of the main themes of Fire Emblem Fates and Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is a testament to that, and you can listen to it below.

The mix comes courtesy of a YouTube comment, wherein user BotanicSage thought Fates’ theme, “Lost in Thoughts All Alone,” sounded similar to Sword’s theme, “Ballad of the Goddess”. YouTuber SilvaGunner, known for high quality rips of video game music, mashed the two together. Turns out, it ain’t half bad. Yeah, Fire Emblem Fates’ theme sounds very similar to Skyward Sword, but that definitely works out in its favor here.

You can check out the playlists for Silva’s many, many, many rips of video game soundtracks here. Seriously, there’s a lot of them. Enjoy the tunes!

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