No Man’s Sky: How to Install Technology on Your Exosuit, Multi-Tool, and Starship

How to Install Technology – No Man’s Sky

As you explore the different planets and systems of No Man’s Sky, you’ll find and earn Blueprints that can be crafted to create new technologies for your Exosuit, Multi-Tool, and Starship. These technologies alter how the item performs or adds a new feature. To install technology you need two things: crafting and space.

The Exosuit, Multi-Tool, and Starship each have their own inventory with slots. These slots can hold resources (in the case of the suit and ship), or new technology. The space varies by the model you have. You can obtain new ones with more space later on. You need at least one spot clear in the inventory of the item you wish to add technology too, so transfer resources elsewhere if you need to, or dump what isn’t helping you.

Once you have space, it’s time to craft. Head to the item you want to install technology onto and click on an empty inventory spot. From there you can pick whichever technology you want, and if you have the resources to craft it, you can do so and install it instantly. That’s all there is to it.

Now you can mix and match different upgrades to get the effects you want. No Man’s Sky is your oyster.

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