D.Va Becomes the Ultimate Stereotypical Gamer With New Overwatch Emote

The Gremlin emerges.

If you browse through the content created by the Overwatch community on tumblr, you’re bound to come across a strange tag called ‘Gremlin D.Va.’ This is an absolutely horrifying re-imagination of Hana Song: her manifestation as a pro gamer who adopts some of the most stereotypical habits you’d expect a gamer to have, namely chugging copious amounts of Mountain Dew and stuffing her face with Doritos while playing games.

We already know that Blizzard Entertainment has a real sense of humor (try typing ‘GG EZ’ into chat in Overwatch PC), and it looks like they’ve completely embraced this ‘Gremlin D.Va’ creation. Along with the new patch that just dropped, D.Va has gotten a new legendary emote called ‘Game On,’ which features her bringing up a holographic video game from mech, and playing it while occasionally chugging Mountain Dew and eating Doritos. You can check out all of the new emotes below.

It’s absolutely terrifying, and also glorious at the same time. Overwatch is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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