World of Final Fantasy Looks Even Cuter in Chibi Anime Form

How cute!

Square Enix has released a special intro video for World of Final Fantasy, showing off the theme song that will be used for the game, as well as a quick look at the game’s anime opening. You can check out the song and intro in the short video posted below.

It’s not the full opening, but Cloud and Tidus look pretty nice even in traditional anime form. World of Final Fantasy follows the story of two new protagonists who one day find themselves in a strange world inhabited by monsters and characters from the Final Fantasy universe. Working together with these characters and mirages, they then embark on a journey to find out exactly how they landed there, and also to look for a way home.

The game is meant to be an introduction to a new generation of gamers and welcome them to the Final Fantasy series. World of Final Fantasy is set to be released for the PS4 and PS Vita on October 25 in North America, and on October 28 in Europe.

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