We Happy Few: How to Repair Weapons and Items

Weapons and other usable items are very important commodities in We Happy Few. Weapons allow you to do massive damage and survive violent encounters you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Certain items allow you to gain access to better loot and interesting areas. As you play, you may have noticed that a lot of these items have durability meters under their images, meaning that they’ll eventually break after enough use. Naturally, players wouldn’t want that to happen, so repairing these useful tools is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, it isn’t currently possible to repair any of your weapons or items.

The durability you see is all of the durability you get. The folks at Compulsive Games must have really wanted to make We Happy Few challenging because you’ll need to constantly scavenge and craft if you want to keep a healthy supply of useful gear. Weapons only offer temporary protection, shovels can dig but so many holes, and Jimmy Bars can’t break you into everything forever.

Because of the lack of ability to repair the things you’ve grown to love and trust, you should always keep a good stock of the components needed to craft more of the things you use most. Have a few extra weapons in your inventory and personal stash, more Jimmy Bars (you should always have at least two), and plenty of scrap metal and rocks. It’s a good idea to keep any resources that you may need to craft extra weapons around with you.

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