Pokemon Sun and Moon Will Let You Max Out Your Pokemon’s Stats After Hitting Level Cap

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Today, Nintendo unveiled a new mechanic for Pokemon Sun and Moon that’ll allow you to train your little buddies to reach their full potential once they reach the level 100 cap.

The mechanic, dubbed “Hyper Training”, makes it so that you can take a level 100 monster and boost all six of its IV categories to their maximum possible level–base stats of HP, speed, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, and Defense plus Speed. While you could do this in previous games, it took either great luck, or hours of work breeding the perfect Pokemon.

Don’t think Sun and Moon is going to make things easier for you though. It takes a long time to get a Pokemon to level 100, and who knows how easy it will be to collect the bottle caps necessary hyper train your favorite Pokemon. It could even be easier just to breed a new one. We’ll have to wait and see.

Pokemon Sun and Moon releases for the Nintendo 3DS worldwide on Nov. 18.

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