Pokemon GO Continues its Global Rollout, Now Available in Hong Kong

Pokemon GO, cp

Still missing Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Hong Kong fans have been clamoring for Pokemon GO ever since the app’s debut launch about three weeks ago, and now the wait is finally over for them. Niantic has just announced, via the official Pokemon GO Twitter account, that the app is now available in Hong Kong.

That means as of right now, the app is available in the following territories: the US, UK, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Japan. Of course, Niantic is still missing a few major spots. Latin America hasn’t gotten the game yet, and most of Asia is still being left out of the loop – more specifically, the Southeast Asian region.

Niantic has been working hard to release the app to more countries, and they’ve also admitted that they weren’t quite prepared for the crazy reception that the game’s received since its launch. If the global rollout continues at the pace it’s been going so far, hopefully it won’t be too long before the rest of the world finally gets access to the game as well.

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