Total War: WARHAMMER – How to Get Chaos Warriors

Total War: Warhammer Chaos Warriors

Total War: WARHAMMER features many races for you to choose from, each one providing a completely different playstyle. They keep you on your toes and always keep the gameplay fresh as you find new ways to conquer foes. You can check out each race, broken down in our separate guide. One race, though, might have you scratching your head: Warriors of Chaos.

Unfortunately, this race is not available in the base game. No, if you’d like to play as the wandering Chaos race, you’ll need to buy the DLC for $7.99, available here. Many fans are unhappy with this decision, as this race is core to the lore within the Warhammer franchise. If you do purchase the race, keep in mind the playstyle is unique in that it follows a Horde mentality wherein you own no settlements.

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