The Voice Actor That Plays McCree Got Play of the Game As McCree, Because Represent

It’s high noon…ception.

The Overwatch fandom has taken a shine to plenty of things, one of them being the cowboy McCree. Whenever he begins his Ultimate, he utters the words “It’s high noon…” as an old western theme plays, and that’s a become a meme unto itself. It’s so meta that McCree’s voice actor Matthew Mercer got in on the joke and played himself, basically, and got Play of the Game as himself.

Fun fact: Mercer openly admits to screwing around with other players by speaking as his character when he plays the game, because he’s also an incredible troll. To add to the weirdness of it all, the Overwatch Twitter congratulated Mercer with a GIF of the character he’s more or less based on. It’s a never ending cycle of cowboys…

If you’re in the need for some more Overwatch goodness, come listen to McCree and the other characters give you a mood booster to help you through the week.

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