Watch Final Fantasy XV’s Main Characters Ride Around on Chocobos for Two Minutes

Final Fantasy XV, Chocobo

Cue the Chocobo theme.

Square Enix recently held another Active Time Report for Final Fantasy XV in Japan, this time focused on various questions brought to the team from fans. One of the fan favorite creatures from the series are the giant yellow birds, Chocobos.

Square Enix released a video today, showing two full minutes of Chocobo gameplay. Noctis and friends spend time riding around on their Chocobos, sitting on their Chocobos, battling enemies with their Chocobos, camping with their Chocobos and then a bit more riding around. Take a look at the gameplay video down below.

We also found out during the Active Time Report that Final Fantasy XV will have a skill tree, and a system of abilities to learn. There also will be areas to save at other than camps, and you’ll have the ability to fast-travel to previous areas you’ve rested at.

Square also said that the next ATE titled “Day 0 Edition” will air before the start of E3. The next episode of the anime Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV will also air sometime around E3.

Are you excited to see Chocobos back in Final Fantasy XV? What else from the series are you hoping to see included in the game? Let us know down in the comments.


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