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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine – How to Dye Armor

blood and wine


The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine – How to Dye Armor

One of the new mechanics added to The Witcher 3 through Blood and Wine, is the ability to dye armor, perhaps to avoid some of the comical color clashing we’ve seen in the base game. While the ugly armors of yore will still be rather ugly (it’s the classic price of wearing random gear as you level up), players will now have the opportunity to dye pieces of Witcher gear.

First, you’ll have to obtain some Dyes. These can be bought from vendors, picked up off of dead enemies, or found in lootable containers. There are quite a few colors out there, and you can mix and match them on your gear.

blood and wine

Now all you have to do is go into your inventory, and you’ll find the Dyes in the armor window. Pick the color you want and apply it to the armor piece of your choice. You can preview the look first so you don’t end up with something unsightly. If you like what you see, just confirm and you’re all set. Since there are four pieces of armor in a set, you’ll need four of the same Dye if you want everything to match perfectly. Or you can just mix it up, and add your own flair.

If for any reason at all you want to return a piece of armor to its original color, you just need to use a Dye Remover. These are obtained in the same way as Dyes in Blood and Wine, and are actually a bit more common.

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