Overwatch’s Beta Saw over 9 Million Players; Biggest Open Beta in Blizzard History

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Overwatch has been crowned the most played Blizzard beta to date.

A grand total of 9.7 million players participated in the most recent open beta for the team-based vibrant shooter, Overwatch, making it the most played beta in Blizzard’s history.

“We’re thrilled to share that more than 9.7 million heroes played the game during the Open Beta across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One,” Blizzard shared in a press release, “making it Blizzard’s biggest open beta ever. All told, Open Beta participants teamed up to play more than 4.9 billion minutes (over 81 million hours) across more than 37 million matches of intense competitive action and all-out fun.”

The number surpasses recent betas such as The Division, coming in with 6.4 million players, and Destiny, with 4.6 million players. Although Overwatch may need to tweak some characters in the game, it seems to be receiving a lot of positive feedback from the players.

Earlier today, Blizzard released their most recent animated short, titled “Dragons,” that focuses on the head of the Shimada Clan, Hanzo. You can check out here.

What did you think of the Overwatch beta? Was it fun? Did it offer enough to purchase the full game? Be sure to let us know in the comments below

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