Meet the Final Fantasy XV Developers In This Thank You Video

Final Fantasy XV development team released a video today, introducing their staff and giving thanks to their fans. Not only was staff from the game there but also the director of the FFXV movie Kingsglaive, Takeshi Nozue.

Throughout the video, you will see staff from animators to level designers to the people who actually came up with the characters.  Also on hand was the staff for Justice Monsters Five, who are working on the mobile game as a tie-in for the FFXV universe. It should be noted that there is no release date regarding the mobile game, but it is set to release before the main game.

The Final Fantasy XV movie, Kingsglaive, is set to release in Japan on July 9 with tickets already been on sale since April 23. There has been no release date set for outside of Japan. Final Fantasy XV itself will be released on Sept. 30 worldwide for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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