Ratchet & Clank PS4: How to Get All Weapons and Gadgets

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Weapons in Ratchet & Clank PS4

ratchet and clank ps4 2016

Fusion Grenade – A lobbed grenade that explodes on impact.

Combuster – A blaster to shoot from afar.

Pyrocitor – Turns into Lavacitor. A powerful flamethrower.

Proton Drum – Shoots a ball that pulsates an area of effect damage.

Zurkon – Turns into Zurkon Jr. Calls upon a companion bot that shoots on sight.

Groovitron – Throws a disco ball that forces enemies in its area to dance.

Pixelizer – Turns into Pixelizer HD. Makes enemies pixel and deals high damage.

Predator Launcher – Readies up to four homing missiles. Check out our guide on acquiring it over here.

Plasma Striker – A sniper rifle to shoot from afar.

Warmonger – Turns into Peacemaker. A rocket launcher that deals heavy damage.

Buzz Blades – Shoots blades that whirl all about, damaging enemies.

Glove of Doom – Calls upon minions that explode in enemies’ faces for you.

Sheepinator – Turns your enemies into sheep.

RYNO – A rocket launcher that does major damage. Check out our guide on acquiring it over here.

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