Everyone is Dragging Mighty No.9 for Maybe Being Delayed Again

Mighty No. 9 is pretty infamous at this point for being delayed many, many times. The Mega Man spiritual successor from original creator Keiji Inafune was originally scheduled to come out years ago and is currently planned for releasing… eh, let’s say sometime this year. Recent rumors have surfaced around it being delayed until December on the UK Xbox store.

Or maybe it hasn’t. Who knows at this point.

Either way, people have been having a time today.

Good lord.

*Mad World plays*

Ah, the beauty of full circle.

Gotta make yourself laugh, y’know?


Oh, how the time flies, Mighty No. 9…

That Quesalupa, though.

Welp, time to wait yet again for Mighty No. 9 to hit in December. Or whenever it’s supposed to come out, it’s actually still pretty unclear. Either way, it’s gonna be quite a while.

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