The Division Server Errors Delta, Mike, and Romeo Preventing Many From Playing at Launch

The Division

Romeo oh romeo, do you know how to get onto The Division?

The Division may be suffering from server problems at its EST midnight launch. As of this post, many players have been reporting error codes Delta, Mike, and Romeo either before they ever are able to log in, or after completing the tutorial. The Division servers seem to be down for many and Twitter is already vocal about it.

That’s just a few of many tweets from day one The Division players. As of this post, there is no word from either Ubisoft’s or The Division’s official twitter accounts. One would have to imagine that an official response must be on the way soon considering how widespread the issue seems to be. As far as the Twinfinite staff goes, some of us were able to get on and at least complete the tutorial while the rest were unable to start at all (myself included). However, those of us that were able to complete the tutorial were booted with one of the three error codes right after.

We’ll look for an official word from Ubisoft on the issue. If this is the experience Ubisoft wanted reviewers to wait for, maybe they would have just been better off letting some people play early. These days, it seems like it is just as likely that a game will have server issues than not, and unless something shapes up quick, The Division will be yet another launch disaster to rival the likes of Diablo III. Until then, go grab a bag of popcorn, search on of the three error codes + The Division on Twitter and watch the fireworks.

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