New Final Fantasy XV Demo Available Today, Delves into Young Noctis’ Dreams

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Plus unlock an exclusive new summon!

Today is the day Final Fantasy fans have been waiting for, as Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV continues to reveal more and more information about the upcoming RPG.

In a surprise move, Square Enix has announced that a brand new demo for Final Fantasy XV, called Platinum Demo, will be available to download later today for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Unlike Episode Duscae, the previous demo which was only available through purchase of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, this new demo will be available for anyone and everyone.

The demo explores the dreams of Noctis as a child, as he explores slumberland with the the adorable new summon, Carbuncle. Upon completion of the demo the player will unlock Carbuncle for use in the full game. This is the only was the summon can be unlocked, as this demo is a standalone chapter that won’t be included in the final game.

This new demo is meant to be a way to show off FFXV’s final combat system and visual quality, so those who played Episode Duscae last year should notice an upgrade in both areas.

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