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This Fallout 4 Player is Wandering the Wasteland with Futurama’s Bender


This Fallout 4 Player is Wandering the Wasteland with Futurama’s Bender

There is no better companion for the wasteland

Fallout 4’s new DLC, Automatron, allows players to create their own robot pals, and one player has gone and made everyone’s favorite bending machine.

Tweeted out by TheGamingBible, the image below shows off a pretty impressive user-created robot named after Futurama’s Bender. Fans of the TV show will appreciate that the player has gone all out and given him his full name of Bender B. (Bending) Rodriguez.

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While you can create your own robot, you are limited in your customization options. You can only create your robot out of a set number of options that you can find as your make your way through the DLC. While the head is a shame that they couldn’t get much closer to that of the loud-mouthed, chain-smoking robot from the future, it’s safe to say that the player has got the body pretty spot on. I mean check out those shiny claws and shoe-like feet. All he needs is a spray of Bender’s Foghat Gray coloring to really finish off the look.

Now, if you don’t mind we’re going to scour the wasteland for these parts to make our very owner Bender.

Have you made a really cool robot in the Fallout 4: Automatron DLC? Share it with us in the comments below.


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