Unravel’s Yarny Keeps Asking to Join Other EA Games, Just Wants to Fit in

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He just wants to be loved!

So, you’ve heard of Unravel, yeah? We gave it a great review, lead character Yarny is cute as a button, yeah? Well, in an effort to be even cuter, he’s going around trying to be friends with everyone. Today, Yarny tweeted to the Dragon Age Twitter to join the Inquisition, and they happily accepted.

At first, it started with a snail.

Then he went off in search of adventure….

Congrats, our young friend, you’re now a member of the Inquisition.

Don’t even worry about that fire, bud. You’ll be fine.

It doesn’t stop there. Yarny also wants to join the Rebel Alliance!

He’s probably too short for a Stormtrooper, but what about a Jedi?

yarny star wars unravel lightsaber

Maybe next, he’ll be a soccer star!

He’s so friendly with everyone…except birds.

But his greatest friend of all has to be himself.

Here’s to you, Yarny, you adorable little thing. You’re not evil, you’re a beacon of light.  Go out and continue charming everyone you come across.

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