Report: Capcom Considering Reviving Onimusha, According to New Interview


Could Onimusha return?

According to a report from The Daily Star, Capcom is seriously considering reviving the popular PS2 samurai action series, Onimusha.

Game producer Yoshinori Ono, who worked on the series, told the newspaper that he had “spoken internally with people who made Onimusha with me originally and talked about maybe how interesting it would be to revisit that series. But fans should know that we’re not further down that road than the discussion phase.”

Ono worked as a Sound Manager on the first Onimusha game, then as Assistant Director on the sequel, and was the Producer for the third title. Since then, he has worked on titles such as Dead Rising, Monster Hunter Frontier G, and is the Executive Producer for the anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive Deep Down.

The Onimusha series was a big hit back on the PlayStation 2 and no doubt many fans would like to see it return.

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