Project X Zone 2 – How to Rescue and Revive an Ally

project x zone 2

Project X Zone 2 will pit you in an open battlefield for some turn-based combat with your units. You’ll be facing enemies and oftentimes might be on the losing end of a fight. When this happens and your unit is KO’d, it’s time to revive them up.

In order to revive a KO’d ally in Project X Zone 2, another unit must perform a Rescue. To do so, an ally must have at least 100 XP and they must be positioned next to the knocked out unit, facing them. Once you’re facing them, you can press Y to recover your ally with 50% of their max HP. Keep in mind that this uses up your action and you will be placed on Standby after Rescuing your ally.

Congratulations, your unit is back in action!

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