King of Fighters XIV Adds a Dinosaur Man, Terry Bogard, and More

Round one, FIGHT!

King of Fighters XIV is said to have 50 fighters in its roster. Today, SNK Playmore producer Yasuyuki Oda has revealed four more fighters to join the cast, along with new fighting stages.

First up is Clark Still from the NES game Ikari Warriors. He’s described as mastering “a variety of grappling moves” and ready to break some backs. The second returning character is Fatal Fury fan favorite character Terry Bogard, the OG Hungry Wolf. Our third character is the Canadian cyborg Maxima, still a “true marvel of NESTS technology”. Finally, there’s the Dinosaur King, a guy with a T-Rex mask and tail. Check them out in the trailer below.

In addition to the new characters, two new stages have also been revealed. The first is the Guanajuato Dynamite Ring, whose design has been inspired by the city of the same name. The second is a Derelict Church said to be inspired by the atmosphere of K’ and his allies.

King of Fighters XIV fights its way onto the PS4 later this year.

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